Monday, April 10, 2017

TMK Spring Knit In at Camp Agape

Our local mk group, TMK, held a 5 day knit-in last week/weekend. I knit hats, but I also spent a lot of time helping others with their knitting machines, talking (what do you expect from me??), eating (again, what do you expect from me??) and generally being immersed in machine knitting. Most of us even stayed overnight at the camp facilities (inside a heated building with separate bedrooms....what a treat) 
We brought our machines and had a great time seeing other machines in work. I took my brother 260 and ribber. I learned/relearned to adjust the ribber and knit a variety of hats with and without the ribber. 
 The first photo is of the hats knitted (including the one in front that needs to be rehung and finished) but not sewn up. The second photo is of the hats I finished.

Of course, others knitted other things such as scarves, lacy jackets, tuck shawls, etc.