Friday, March 24, 2017

YES this seminar will go on!!

CMKG is hosting a seminar in Raleigh on May 5-6. Many have registered already. Seminar will be held come h*** or high matter how many or how fewregister.

Check here for registration info:

Mary Ann Oger, Mike Becker, and April Mills will be demonstrating there. It is deluxe in a hotel!!

Rita in Raleigh

Monday, March 20, 2017

More info on our Seminar in Raleigh

The Carolinas Machine Knitters is having a seminar in Raleigh (near the airport) on May 5-6. 

It is super cheap....whoops I should not use that word, .....even if it is!

For only $70 for one day (INCLUDING LUNCH) or.....even cheaper, whoops I did it again is 
Two days for $125 (INCLUDING LUNCH) Also we are having an optional banquet on Friday evening. 

Our demonstrators are well skilled in using brother machines, silver reed machines and even Passap machines!! So they can answer your questions!!

Who are these people? 
Mary Ann Oger has been writing machine knitting patterns for at least 25 years, that I know of, perhaps longer (I forgot to dig deeper). She used to publish her own magazine, KNITWORDS, for years and the back issues are still full of useful learning information, besides useful patterns...good for daily living, not that fru-fru stuff of some magazines. 
Check her out at:

Mike Becker has also been involved in machine knitting for 25 years, but I believe it has been a lot longer for him too!
He is the owner of DKNITS a machine knitting (and handknitting) store in Aurora, Indiana.....near Cincinnati. He has written many books of patterns for brother and for Passap machines. He has written The Passap Paramedic. Mike will be bringing us various supplies for our knitting machines. Check his website for what he has...if you don't see what you want/need, then phone or email him to see if he can bring it to you at the seminar. He has also written books on cut and sew, and on using sewing patterns for knitting! He knows DAK very well also. 
here is his website: 

Our third, yes third, demonstrator is April Mills, another longtime machine knitter...also familiar with many brands of km's. I have watched and enjoyed her demos on Scandinavian type machine knitting (you know, those snowflakes and dots, etc.) She also has written patterns/books on doll clothes, knitted flowers, etc. 
Her website just told me that she has been machine knitting since 1969......Almost 50 years....and she is only 27....okay I made up the last part!!
Check her website too: 

I love all these demonstrators. Please think hard about coming to this seminar. Please register soon. We will hold the seminar with or without you, but you could learn a lot and have a lot of fun here. 

Registration information here 

Pay with a check or the easy way through Paypal!!

Please come

Monday, March 6, 2017

Seminar in Raleigh NC USA

Finally!! A machine knitting seminar has been planned for Raleigh/Durham on May 5-6, 2017. Info can be found at the CMKG website

We are so happy to be moving up to a hotel for our seminar. Besides that, we are having great demonstrators: Mary Ann Oger, Mike Becker, and April Mills.

We don't know exactly what they will be teaching, but they are always entertaining and informative!!

Mike is also bringing the various machine knitting supplies that we always need.

Prices and registration form can be found at the link above.

Hope to see many of you there!!