Friday, November 4, 2016

Protect your electronic knitting machines

I have always unplugged my knitting machines and other hobby stuff (sewing machine, embroidery machine, fancy vacuum ironing board, etc.) as soon as I am finished using them.

While browsing the net this morning I came across Diana Sullivan's old posting April 2011 about the danger lightning can do!

Her friend Barbara had lightning strike her home and it really fried her Passap, so badly that it could not be repaired!!!

I know of the dangers of lightning as a corner of our home was struck close to 20 years ago. It struck  our gutter, traveled down the downspout, dug a hole to a tree and zapped the tree.  It fried our brand new whole house air conditioner, It killed a tv, which was not turned on. It played havoc with various electronics near that corner of the house.

Because of this minor damage to our house I never leave my electronic "toys" plugged in. Even surge protectors are not strong enough to stop the massive power that lightning has.

I also do not use my electronic toys, including the garter carriage, during a lightning storm. We have lots of lightning storms in NC.

Please protect your toys. They are not easy to replace!!

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