Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hi Everyone. A lot has happened since my posting in January about my working to clean my garter carriages. I had some successes and some cleanings that did not help.

I have 9 garter carriages. Some were working okay, some with minor problems, and some with major problems. I managed to work on almost all of them.....I did not tackle the two which had been adapted to 2 color gc's. One of these works okay as a one color gc, so I did not mess with it as I did not want to cause problems with its delicate workings.....and I could not get it apart with the extras glued onto the top of the carriage. The second one has had the glue let go from the attachments on the top, so I did not mess with that one either.

Of those I worked with, I was successful with 6. One I kept thinking I had working okay, but it would keep stopping at odd moments, so I gathered it to send off to ASK JACK.

One gc had had a major problem from January 2015, when it was running but managed to throw out an axle and  stop with a loud noise. We had replaced the part, but the machine would not work. I took the gc apart to fix luck. After a few weeks I was sure I could fix it, but when I took it apart I could not even get it back together......OH NOOOOO!

So that gc also went off to ASK JACK, in parts......what a mess. I had better take out a second mortgage or hope that Jack tells me it is not reparable at all.

So that is where I stand with my gc stable.....I have 6 gc's that can work well (and I need to get the km's cleared off so the gc's can work). I have one gc waiting here for me to work on it (a two color one). And I have two sent off to ASK JACK (theanswerlady's husband). Jack plans to take his time and work on all the repairs the Triangle Machine Knitters handed over to him in the spring at our Knit in. He will return in the fall to give us back our machines which he has repaired (and maybe even the unrepaired ones, if my projects prove too difficult for him).

I have started to knit a summer sweater for me with Cotton Tale 8 coned yarn using my gc....or one of them I have to knit in the mornings and stop everything in the afternoon and evenings since we seem to have thunderstorms every day!! The front is knit and now I am ready to try the back. 

Sorry, no photos today.

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