Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chick-Fil-A Cows

Sometimes we go crazy around here. Last year Frank and I decided to dress up for Chick-fil-a Customer Appreciation Day, because those dressed in some sort of cow costume got free food.....a complete meal if in complete costume or an entree if you wore a hat or a shirt or a mask, etc. with a cow theme.

As you can see we went all out. Yes this is knitting related!! I created the pattern for the cow hat and knit it. Here you can see it: Sorry I don't have a photo of it alone!

Since I gave away the cow hat from 2015, I had to knit another one for this year's Customer Appreciation Day. This time they changed the rules, so no matter how much you dressed like a cow, you got only the entree, not the drink or the fries too. Oh, well. We dressed up pretty much the same, but my new hat is a bit different. It still needs improvement, but I am getting there....and I do remember to keep a record of what I do! 

Here is how it looked on me this noontime at the mall!

Some of us will do anything for free food!

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