Friday, November 14, 2014

Whoops, more Hand Knitting

I do hand knit when we ride in the car on trips. I love knitting hats. Using Bernat Alpaca yarn on these hats in the car was really easy, but then I found out that my favorite place to send charity hats (Country Knitting of Maine, News&Views hat contest for Warmth for Maine) preferred acrylic fibers, for ease of laundry. I can't fault them for that preference, but what was I to do with these lovely hats??

Along came the Hats for Syria project, introduced to me through the All Crafts for Charity group on Yahoo groups, to which I belong.

So I rounded up my hats which were already knit and the little balls of scraps which were leftover. I used the leftovers to knit more hats. I just love stripes in hats!

Here is the result, which I sent out in late July.
I put tags on them for the washing instructions. These hats felt so soft.

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