Friday, November 14, 2014

Warmth for Maine 2014

Once again I have knitted hats for the Country Knitting of Maine, News&Views magazine contest to be given to Warmth for Maine. Most of my hats were machine knit, but a few were hand knit.

I had a lot of fun combining colors and using up bits and pieces of leftover yarn. The berry hats were adapted from the Knittens pattern, which was for standard gauge, but I knitted mine on the midgauge brother machine. The ribbed hats were done on the standard using the gc, so I could knit in the summer with almost no effort! This year I did very few on the Passap.

I get bored easily, unless I change the colors or styles of the hats.

Why not try your hand at hat making. Lots of charities need hats now!

 Here are some photos.

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