Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Machines for sale in Raleigh area

I have many friends who contact me when they have machines for sale. I do not believe they want to pack and ship the machines, but contact me if you are interested in buying these machines.  Maybe shipping could be arranged, please ask.

One friend  wants to sell a Brother KH 930 machine.  It was cleaned back in April of this year. She is selling this Brother KH 930  for $300.00. She added some things, i.e. Carriage ,etc that were missing. She is selling this machine for what she purchased it for.  She spent about another 100.00 on parts and cleaning. She just wants to get some of her money back.  This machine knits fine. The problem is you can¹t add a ribber. She found this out when she had it cleaned. (Rita believes this is related to either the km or the ribber being warped. Some people on other lists have managed to straighten out a warp.)

This same friend (#1) also have a Brother KR 830 ribber, for sell for $200.00.

Another friend has a SR machine which is a studio 360 with ribber and lots of extras. She is selling  this bundle for $300.

Still a third friend (I am so lucky to have many friends) has a Passap e6000 with lots of extras for sale. Price is negotiable.

If you want to make an offer on any of these machines by my friends, please contact me, Rita in Raleigh, NC.  My email is   rita27612 at yahoo dot com   (put this together with the proper signs).

Thank you,

Rita in Raleigh

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