Saturday, November 30, 2013

Simple Christmas Stockings

My friend, Leslie, is collecting Christmas (or not Christmas) stockings for soldiers. She was asked to collect up to about 200 for the soldiers in Georgia, where her relative works. If she does not collect enough, then the stockings will be used in the hospital for children who must be there over Christmas.

Leslie told us of this in September, but, as always, I was busy and did not get started until 2 weeks ago. Leslie even pointed us towards the pattern to use on the bulky machine to make the stockings be about 7 inches in the foot and about 12 inches tall.

I did get busy and knit 20 stockings in a very simple style. Fairisle would have left floats, so I did one color stockinette or striped stockinette.  I got inspired when I visited the craft store and saw a handout from Red Heart yarns for a striped stocking. I loved the way the darker color wide band was split for the light color heel. So I copied this style.

At first I thought the stockings were too big, so I made the green and white solid stockings in a shorter size. I hope they can sneak by without getting rejected

I plan to get these in the mail on Monday.

You can see that I got tired of the standard Christmas colors. These were all fun to do and did not take a terrible amount of time! I'll see if I can find the pattern for you.

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