Monday, August 26, 2013

Passap e6000 again

Bargain Alert. She, see previous post, has reduced the price to $1000. Snap it up before it is gone!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Passap e6000 for sale

I have a new friend who wants to sell her Passap. She lives near me. Here is her note:

 I have a Passap E 6000 that is in good condition. Hardly ever used...I also have books, a DVD, transfer carriage and other assorted items. I am looking to sell these and would be interested in finding someone who knows what it is , and would get use out if it. To sell it on Craig's list I'm afraid it wouldn't be seen by actual knitters . Do you know of anyone?
I live in fuquay. The machine does not have a motor. But does have the large white stand on wheels. I'm thinking of asking $1500 for all the items. I do have the original boxes that it came in. 

Please contact me, Rita, at if you want to buy Annie's machine.