Friday, June 7, 2013

I've begun knitting hats for News&Views hat contest....that is MachineKnittingofMaine News&Views magazine. Some are hand knit, hey, I was traveling a lot, and others are machine knit. The earflap hat is from Clearwaterknits and is free.
I used the built in design #59 in my brother standard electronic machine. I think it came out okay, not perfect but usable. Here are some pictures:

I plan to knit many more hats by the early fall deadline. Check this page for info about the contest:

I have entered in the past, and the prizes are great. Linda says this year after giving out prizes for the best in each of the prize categories, that the names of all people who send in hats will be put in a drawing for all of the rest of the prizes.  I love this contest!

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