Friday, June 7, 2013

Here are Diana Berns' classes for the September seminar in Raleigh:

Diana Berns Classes
1. (First class on the first day) Bulky machine—for demo-----------------------
Fun Gifts-----I will be showing Felted Purses, a Felted decorator basket, a child’s
bag, FUZZY DICE, a mitered purse, and super easy CROCHETED necklace ON
THE MACHINE(this has been as big a hit as the knit dishrags!!!!) We’ve sold
tons of these.They use a novelty yarn.
2. (Second class on the first day) Bulky machine for demo--------------
I will show my ONE-HOUR Prayer Shawl-or SCARF--Triangle shape—all short
rowed. There are many variations using an added lace ruffle- self knit fringe---even
tuck versions.
. New Ruffled items: these use the newest in purchased yarn that ruffles.(hat—
bag—and more)
I also have a cute Christening Dress using the new ruffled yarn for trim.(on the
standard machine)
3. (Third class on the first day) bulky machine with ribber-----for demo---
-Fun garments -Adapted from hand knit patterns to the bulky machine.
My examples will be a Lacey Schrug ---or afghan
Knit a cool ribbed shrug,too.
I will also be showing how to do the greatest Babies zip-up the back
sweater with a MITERED RIBBED HOOD. (I also have this featured in my new
18” doll HOODIE pattern.
LOVE THE KIDS---bulky hooded jackets.
4. (Forth class on the first day) Bulky machine with ribber-- BULKY JACKET---
with three different necklines(ribbed neck or—collar—or----hood) There is a short
or long length version. for adults.(this also has my wonderful front band --- there
is no hand sewing---I will be showing this several times-----it is a must!!!!) This will
be your favorite cardigan band ever.
1 .JACKETS----JACKETS----JACKETS (First class on the second day) Standard
machine with ribber for all classes on the second day.
Wrap Front Cardigan----this class will go through the steps on this very simple yet very
elegant jacket. It features a double front which forms the large pocket and the collar.
This is knit in 1 strand of Velveen and 1 strand of a fine Boucle yarn together OR a
double strand of a thin dress yarn)---great texture and great draping.
The front edge is finished off with a cable trim.
Thread Lace Cocoon----This long cocoon has a great front draping effect. Knit with
the thread lace technique in velveen and a fine thread---I used a super fine metallic. Knit
this in 5 simple panels.
FLARED JACKET: This is a very different jacket designed from a Vogue sewing
pattern-----Now you can knit it. I will show the no-hem Hem used on this garment.
I design many jackets that go into PLUS sizes.
Including the new SLIMMING JACKET.This is showing the new draped front
that is so popular now.
2. BEADS---LACE---AND CABLES This is because BLING is BACK.
Did you see in all the new hand knit books---Knit Skirts are back,too
3. “All in one” Sweater---the sweater with a built in shell---this technique of
knitting a garment with all the neck bands knit on each piece as you go. Featuring the
great front band that lays perfect every time.This band has no hand sewing.(includes
I’ve found the greatest bands for the bottom of garments that hang perfectly
straight. These are found in my book called “Tunic Trims”.(hems)
You will see a fast & fun shell neckband.
All combined with Super fast assembly. All for a very Classy looking sweater.
I’ll also show a sport weight cardigan called CLASSY CARDIGAN.
4. “It’s the Slits” This garment uses a unique double bed technique. I will be
showing you how to combine ribbed effects to create a beautiful piece of fabric with
great drape. It is designed as a long vest or long jacket. This garment has deep side
slits and ALL the bands are knit on each piece with no extra finishing----and no
curling. It is the greatest hanging jacket you’ll ever see. Use this technique for a
long slitted skirt also.
I will show how to make this garment in a 2X and even a 3X size .with one simple
change. HINT; sizes 1x-2x-3x all use the same tension and same number of needles.
Class 1-3--4-on a Brother Standard (930-940- or 965) with ribber
Class 2 on a Brother Bulky (260 or 270) with ribber
Diana Berns
Expressions Gallery/Knit Nook
1200-9th Ave SE
Watertown,SD 57201

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