Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cheating, Ha, Ha, Ha

I know, this is supposed to be  about machine knitting, so I guess you could say I have "cheated" by handknitting these two sweaters for my grandkids. I was doing a lot of riding in a car so I handknit these out of an acrylic yarn called Kids Rock.  The pink cardigan is for Helena and is big, intentionally. I did that in case I did not get finished before she outgrew it. She found the sweater in my knitting bag, still in progress and declared that she loved it!  Of course I had to finish it for Christmas. She still loved it so much she put it on right away and wore it all evening. How's that for a 4 year old's appreciation of my work!!

The red sweater is a pullover which uses the same yarn different color. I did not like the pattern's zippered neckline, so I just crocheted around the neckline split and made a tiny collar. I did a crocheted loop to fasted with the greenish button, but added a couple of others just because.  We know this is big for the 15 month old Tyler, but we don't know how big, because he was constantly in motion!!
I am so happy to have finished them in time.  I am glad that the two older grandsons (9 and 11) did not care that I had not made them something this time.  But I am sure they would have been appreciative IF I had made them something. I am so lucky.

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