Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photos for 2012 Hat Contest

Here are the photos of my hats. Some were done on the bulky machine, some on brother standard machine and some on the Passap in English rib style.

Blogger was not clear on how to upload photos. It gave me a list of places to upload from (this blog, my if I had that type of if I USED a webcam... Picasa albums...which I could not get my photos uploaded to ) None of which I could get to work. Then there was another button "choose files" but it did not say "from your computer" and I thought the files were to be chosen from the list they provided (see above). Wouldn't that make sense to you? But no, it was not clear to me.

Why can't computer/internet people speak/write clearly for ordinary people to understand?

I love my knitting. My preference is to make a variety of hats to give the recipients a choice of hat style or color.

Now for details of the hat which is pictured alone:
The flower on the hat is adapted from Eileen Montgomery's flower pattern in the latest News & Views magazine.
 The basic earflap hat in needle out of work pattern is called Adult Ski Hat from The Bulky Book available from Rocking Horse Farm at
The idea for the stripes is from the free Bulky Scrap Hat at

I love combining ideas from the various patterns I read or see.

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