Monday, December 5, 2011

Toyota knitting machine for sale

Another person has contacted me about selling a machine locally.
The photos are in another post from today.
Here is what Lisa said:

My mother purchased this knitting machine, but recently passed away and I don't have a need/use for it.

It is a Toyota KS787 model, and comes with a ribber, stand, lace carriage, other miscellaneous attachments, and some patterns. It has been used only half-a-dozen times.

Lisa lives in Hillsborough, NC. She is asking $500 for the Toyota KS787 , ribber, stand, lace carriage, and other miscellaneous attachments. She will include some patterns too.

The 787 is a punchcard machine and from what I can find on the internet a very sturdy, reliable machine.

If you are interested contact me, Rita, at and I will put you in contact with Lisa.

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