Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Passap Meeting

Today, Saturday, Nov. 5, we held our local Passap meeting.  Elizabeth and I met at Tatiana's home. We shared info about the Passap which we had gleaned from various internet sites and old magazines.  We had a great snack, then settled down to business.  
We went to Tatiana's e6000 and knit a hat.  We used the pattern devised by Mary Ann Cutler ) 
with the changes Rita had made to accommodate Rita's yarn (Sensations by Deborah Norville). 

It was an interesting experience for Tatiana, as she is a new Passap knitter.  Rita did the cast on, then had Tatiana do all the "hard work" of pushing the lock for the many rows of circular knitting.  I even made Tatiana do the decreases for the top of the hat (my own addition to Mary Ann's hat) and gather off the top.  
That yarn made a really pretty hat with a rolled edge.  
Tatiana hopes to knit another hat, by herself, tomorrow...before she forgets how to do it!

Keep knitting. 

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