Friday, November 18, 2011


Last weekend, well really from Nov. 10-13, our Triangle Machine Knitters went to "camp".  We took our machines, bedding, and food to share to a camp which is used for autistic children during the summer.  We booked the dining hall (for eating and knitting) and one bunkhouse (which had 7 single rooms, each 6 ft. square!!

Those rooms were not much bigger than the beds!!!

Kathy and Sue

Jo knitting a pillow cover

new machine knitter Kathy


Stephanie and Ann
and a common room with bunks for 20 or more people).  Around 10 of us spent one or more nights at the camp, and another 5 or 6 of our knitters came only during the daytime.  We knit and talked and encouraged each other during this time.  We had a great time.  Most of the people brought simple machines (LK150 mostly) but some brought brother bulky machines (260) or standard machines ( brother 970, 965i, 940, Singer 700 are the ones I remember).

Sandra's Entrelac skirt on dress

Valeria's sweater for grandson

Rita's hats

We knit hats and bags for charity, socks for Christmas presents, a dress for a granddaughter, a sweater for a grandson, part of an afghan for a present, swatches of different techniques and other items I cannot remember.  I saw Mary using her linker to finish a lovely double bed jacket. We even found out that the same punchcard could be used on the Singer standard and the brother bulky machines.  The hats were similar, but each had their own appeal.

We had plenty of food and really enjoyed ourselves!

We are eagerly looking forward to our next knit in.

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