Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seminar update

I am so excited about the upcoming seminar!  The organizing seems to be falling into place.

We have almost 50 people coming to the seminar, 5 demonstrators, 3 vendors plus  what the demonstrators are selling.  There are about 33 people planning and paid to attend the Dinner with the Demonstrators at a private dining room at the Casa Carbone restaurant.

At the Casa Carbone, each diner will have a choice of one of the 5 preselected entrees.  She or he will also have a house salad, a soft drink, and a dessert.  The tax and tip are included in the $20 that each person has prepaid.  If someone wants wine with the meal, that is okay, but she or he must pay for that personally, it does not come out of the $20.

We will be among the first in the USA to view the new Mark II two color garter carriage.  Cathie is holding a special class just for this!  I am sure we will have lots of questions for her.  Northtipton, her company, will start installing the Mark II sometime later this summer.

Many people are selling used machine knitting equipment through our private for sale list.  These are bargains to be picked up at the seminar, so no shipping charges are added!  When you register for the seminar, you are invited to join the for sale list.  Then you can sell or buy or browse as you wish.

If you suddenly realize that you want to come then check the guild website  and go to the page with the Paypal button to sign up.  We are always willing to squeeze in just one more!!

I can't wait to meet all of you in person!!!

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